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To ensure that you get an amazing facial, we only use the best techniques. This includes the following approaches:

Silk Lifting and Rejuvenation Program

Based on the natural and distinct qualities of silk proteins.


Hydro-destressant program

With dry extracts of live cells of yeast



Skin Renewal System

Peeling effect with alpha and beta hydroxyacids


Acne Facial and Treatment


Anti-Pollution program

With Vegetable DNA. Anti-oxidant and ultra hydrating


Anti-Aging Facial with Radio frequency (Age Factor)


Express refreshing facial


Facial and Microdermabrasion


Teen Facial


Kobido  Japanese Facial  

Facial and neck massage are  based on acupressure points. It's a very important procedure to prevent premature wrinkles, as well as to achieve a fresh and healthy skin. Correct facial massage increases blood flow, improves lymph flow, and increases turgor (elasticity) of the skin. There are various types of face massage, and each of them fulfills a specific function and is aimed at solving any tasks. Facials of the Buttocks Help to Clear Bumps.

Dermapen Treatment

Best for acne scars anti aging , hyperpigmention and stretch marks